the mirrors of the witches
by Stefano Coluccio
Dorsoduro 1173
telefax +39 0412770617


Ancient techniques to create modern objects of furniture: this is the spirit that fires Stefano Coluccio. Obtaining his degree in Architecture in 1996, he has decided to pursue his family's artisanal tradition, started by his maternal grandfather, the engraver Emilio Canestrelli, and followed by his mother, Manuela.

In his shop-laboratory, located in the heart of Venezia, close to the Accademia Gallery, today he brings to life sophisticated and elegant mirrors.

His inexhaustible fountain of inspiration is art history.

In the paintings of the most celebrated Flemish artisits, Jan van Eyck and Quentin Metsys, to cite a few, or Italians like Parmigianino, Bellini and Caravaggio, one can see dipictions of these? witche’s mirrors? known also as? Sorciere?

Made by hand, each mirror is completely unique: in the materials used, in the various shades of color, and each has a unique capacity to reflect. A cornicopea of factors make each piece special, impossible to copy