the mirrors of the witches
by Stefano Coluccio
Dorsoduro 1173
telefax +39 0412770617


All the mirrors are designed by me and produced in my workshops in Venice.

The artisanal process which makes each pieace unique is due to a continuing research and experimentation with shapes, ideas, and designs have led me to abbandon the idea of a catalog, which would have compromised, in my mind, the unique character of each mirror.

My priceless font of inspiration is art history.

In paintings of the most celebrated Flemish artists, Jan van Eyck, Quentin Metsys, to name a couple, or Italians like Parmigianino, Bellini, and Caravaggio, these witch's mirrors, known also as "Sorcière", were depicted frequently.

I sell these mirrors exclusively from my shop in Venice, Dorsoduro 1173, between Ca Rezzonico and the Accademia Gallery.