the mirrors of the witches
by Stefano Coluccio
Dorsoduro 1173
telefax +39 0412770617


This is to certify that this mirror is entirely hand made. The cornice is guilded according to the method outlined in the "Libro dell’Arte" by Cennino Cennini written at the end of the 14C.

Cennini suggests that the wooden support should be prepared with several layers of Bologna chalk (gesso) mixed with glue from animal skin.

After carefully smoothing the mixture, apply several layers of water based guilder’s clay mixed with mounted egg white. Once this is polished, apply the gold or silver leaf, bathing it in water to which a little fish glue has been added.

Once dry the leaf is burnished using an agate stone duly shaped to follow the contours of the frame. The final process of the complex and delicate technique is the application of a protective film. This consists of a layer of shellac (gomma lacca) for silver leaf and a layer of polish for the non metal part. The patina, ageing and final finish are treated with a layer of beeswax.

Even the mirror with it’s particular shape is completely leafed by hand